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August 18, 2021

This week we welcome F1 royalty onto the show: Sir Patrick Head, co-founder of Williams and an engineering legend. After going into business with Frank Williams in the late 70s, Patrick helped build one of the greatest teams in history, his engineering acumen leading to world championships aplenty. He speaks about that journey, including what it was like to work with Frank, how he responded to Frank’s life-changing car accident, what he looked for in the drivers that shaped Williams and much more. And as you might expect, there are plenty of brilliant anecdotes!

Key topics in the episode:
9:47 - Signing Mansell in 85
11:44 - Working with Honda and developing the Honda Turbo
26:48 - His close relationship with Frank Williams
30:47 - How the dynamic with Frank changed after his accident
36:46 - The difficulties of the 86 season when Frank wasn't around
42:36 - Piquet vs Mansell and a question of contracts
50:17 - On other Williams drivers starting with Alan Jones
53:50 - Carlos Reutemann
58:00 - Brazil 82 with Keke Rosberg
01:07:25 - Differences between Keke and his son Nico
01:08:26 - Nigel Mansell announcing he was leaving at Monza in 92 and why Damon Hill was drafted in
01:17:02 – The showdown with Schumacher at Adelaide 1994
01:20:35 - Not renewing Damon Hill's contract for 97
01:24:55 - On Jacques Villeneuve and why they chose an IndyCar driver

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