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September 9, 2021

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0:00:00 Baltimore Ravens
0:02:12 Cleveland Browns
0:04:00 Pittsburgh Steelers
0:06:07 Cincinnati Bengals
0:08:29 Tennesse Titans
0:10:23 Jacksonville Jaguars
0:12:10 Indianapolis Colts
0:14:12 Houston Texans
0:16:07 Buffalo Bills
0:17:51 New England Patriots
0:19:48 Miami Dolphins
0:21:46 New York Jets
0:23:39 Kansas City Chiefs
0:25:45 Denver Broncos
0:27:51 Las Vegas Raiders
0:30:02 Los Angeles Chargers
0:31:58 Green Bay Packers
0:34:03 Chicago Bears
0:36:08 Minnesota Vikings
0:37:53 Detroit Lions
0:39:51 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
0:41:46 Carolina Panthers
0:43:31 New Orleans Saints
0:45:31 Atlanta Falcons
0:47:12 Washington Football Team
0:49:01 New York Giants
0:50:40 Dallas Cowboys
0:52:46 Philadelphia Eagles
0:54:50 San Francisco 49ers
0:56:47 Los Angeles Rams
0:58:42 Arizona Cardinals
1:00:40 Seattle Seahawks

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